The hotel is located in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands.


Himawari HotelThis new hotel was introduced in June 2006.
Garapan located in the central district of Saipan , within walking distance of shopping and the beach, restaurants to the city, is very convenient.
Garapan district located in a residential area, the eastern part of the most quiet, good security.
You can use free internet in all rooms. ( Equipped with wireless LAN )

We also offer rooms with kitchens.
We prepared a new deluxe rooms for guests wanting to relax in your room is wide.

Himawari News

Superior Room

Appeared Superior Room!
Rooms with kitchen is available microwave oven, electric kettle, small stove, and cookware.
Also equipped with a dedicated drying area.
Room is recommended for travelers to stay long term in Saipan.

Other services popular with travelers

The hotel has a Japanese restaurant popular to local people of Saipan.
Store the first floor of the hotel , is useful in long-term residents.
At the hotel each morning , that baked bread and pizzas. In addition, also sells Japanese bento boxes. Bento Sushi is very popular with local people.

Convenience Store Japanese restaurant

We also have rental bikes and a PC connected to the Internet for Guests.
The printer is available from the PC.
rental bikes PC connected to the Internet

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